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An individual, a partnership firm or a body corporate can become a sub-broker provided he satisfies the criteria relating to educational qualifications, experience, etc. and is affiliated to some member(s) of the Exchange. After scrutinizing the applications submitted by the sub-brokers, the same are forwarded to SEBI for registration. Once a sub-broker obtains certificate of registration from SEBI, he can commence business as a sub-broker. It may be noted that the sub-broker is an agent of the member and is allowed to issue confirmation memos to his clients for their transactions done by him through the main member-broker to whom he is affiliated.
Does this sound like you ?

‘I have a good business with a strong client base or I have the potential to get good client base and I want to join hand with a broking firm who can help me in the growth of my clients and me. I want someone to provide me support through continuous technology, timely advice and research, infrastructure, marketing activities and training to stay abreast with the changing dynamics of the financial and investment world. I want someone who will treat me as a partner, understands this business and has a strong ethical value system.’

Every individual has his own contacts, data base, references. All you need is to tap these resources and reap unlimited gains with the caliber hidden inside you. Share Broker provides a perfect platform to individuals or corporates with zeal and enthusiasm to capture a larger pie or market share of the growing investor cult.

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